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Learn your dog’s breed specific crate training style. When you try to crate your dog the wrong way nothing works. When you crate your dog using it’s preferred style it’s happy to live in its new space.


Discover the 5 major mistakes most dog owners make when attempting to crate train and how to avoid them!


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Custom Breed Crating Plan

A 100% Custom Breed Crating Plan. This plan will help you crate your dog within the next 2 weeks guaranteed.

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Our Crate Training Resource Guide. This guide will help you to find the right crate, blankets, toys and accessories to make crating as easy as possible!

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“ My dog Rodney had scratched his nails bloody every time I tried to crate him. I was near re-homing before I found Pauline. Since getting his Pitbull specific crate training plan and working with Pauline 1 on 1, Rodney loves his crate and it’s hard to get him out sometimes! Thanks Pauline!"

Matt C. Daytona Beach, FL.

When I went back to the office Doug my doberman refused to go back in his crate. After trying bribes and yelling, I set up a call with Pauline. By switching to the crate and toys she suggested Doug went right back into his crate without me even telling him!”

Matt C. Daytona Beach, FL.

“ My first dog Win crated super easily but when I got a 2nd dog my experience was totally different. I never knew that every breed has a different crating style until I saw Pauline’s video. After taking Pauline’s advice I was able to get my George into a crate within a couple of weeks!”

Deandra R. Philadelphia, PA.

“ Crate training is hard! Pauline’s breed specific training makes it easy. Save yourself the headaches, injuries and destroyed property and call Pauline today!”

John D. San Diego, CA.

“ Roddy was a great outdoor dog but when we started to bring him inside he started to freak out!  After a destroyed crate we needed a new approach. My friend Turk found Pauline’s video and we set up a call. Within about a month using the daily crate training home study course we were able to get Roddy in the crate! Thanks Pauline."

John D. San Diego, CA.

“I am a lifelong dog owner and still struggled to crate a few dogs over the years. Finally when I got my Fred I ran into an issue I could not deal with. I was searching online when I found Pauline and her message resonated with me. After our first call I knew I was going to figure out how to end my crating woes forever. Thanks Pauline!”

Roger N. Sao Paolo, Brazil