Miami’s # 1 Plastic Surgeon Reveals…

How the stars eliminate those last few pesky pounds & tone your problem areas without surgery using CoolSculpting!


Hear Directly From Our Coolsculpting Patients!

“ Before my wedding I was desperate to lose those last 7 lbs for our photoshoots! My friend told me about Dr Dave and within 1 session I lost 2 inches from my waist and looked noticeably leaner. Our pictures came out fire and my sister was super made I looked so good! Thanks Dr Dave.”

Paige Z. Sacramento, CA.

“ Even though I work out a lot and eat clean, I couldn’t seem to get rid of this little pooch around my stomach. I didn’t want to get liposuction or surgery because of the risks, but when i heard Dr Dave was doing coolsculpting I was intrigued. The results blew me away. I finally have abs!”

Camille G. Naples, FL.

“ I’m a pretty active guy but I like to eat and drink so I always had a little bit of a spare tire. After 8 weeks of coolsculpting my stomach is noticeably flatter and more toned and i haven’t made any diet changes at all. I still go out 4 nights a week and knock back the tequila only now my body doesn’t show it. Thanks Dr Dave!"

Jose C. Coconut Creek FL.

requested from Jon

requested from Jon