I Want To Partner With You To Buy Multi-Family Properties!

With Creative Financing Using No Money Down!


No credit, license or experience necessary. You can even partner with me if this is your first ever deal!


Learn my 7 exit strategies for creating no money down win-win deals!


Discover how you can become a bird-dog for me in your city and bring in even higher commissions!

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Buy MultiFamily!

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There are over 400,000 absentee single owner multifamily properties in the United States. I’ll show you how to find them, how to approach owners and what to do to bring them to me to close!

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Multifamily properties pay you 5-10 x the revenue of a single family property with the EXACT same amount of work.

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Hedge funds and institutional investors are focusing on single family homes creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for creative deal making!


I partnered with Ronnie on my first multifamily property after years of being a real estate agent. I put in $5,000 on an assignment fee, and was able to walk away from the deal with a share of over $77,000! And it only took 4 weeks!

Pauly D.

I had gone through a couple of multifamily courses and trainings but I really wanted someone to hold my hand from A to Z. When Ronnie announced that he was willing to partner with anyone, I jumped at the chance. I was able to secure and sell a multifamily unit within 6 months for over $800,000 in profit! Thanks Ronnie.

Vinnie C.

“ Multifamily properties are where the game is at right now! I was lucky enough to get in on a call with Ronnie and get to become a bird dog. I brought him 4 multifamilies in the beach area around my place and Ronnie was able to acquire 2/4. He paid me a cool $30,000 in commissions and I never spent a dime!”


“$45,000, $90,000, $176,000. Those are the checks Ronnie has cut me in the last few months for helping him acquire multifamily properties around the US. If you can follow directions it’s like having a money printer!”