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“ I had written a dozen articles with and done all the SEO stuff like speeding up my page but no leads were coming in. When I met with Adam he walked me through what a true organic lead generation strategy looked like and how I could do it with or without his agency. It’s the best 30 minutes I spent all year and saved me hundreds of hours of writing! Check Adam out!”

Yushin O. Tokyo, Japan.

“ My gym was really struggling to bring in new members even though I was doing all the SEO stuff I was supposed to do. When I met with Adam he opened my eyes to the idea that organic lead generation is totally different from SEO but most people use them to mean the same thing. Within 6 weeks of implementing the strategy from our call I had brought in over 500 new leads at $0!”

Alan B. Buloxi, Mississippi.

“ I was making youtube video every week hoping they would bring in the leads but it never seemed to work out. I actually saw Adam’s ads on one of my videos and figured I’d check out this organic strategy thing. After working with Adam and his agency I’ve gotten over 55,000 leads without spending a dime. That led to me grossing over $1 million dollars after making less than $200 in my first 2 years! Thanks Adam.”

Steve M. Fort Worth, TX.